Kicking the Pandemic Blues

Finding Motivation in 2020

by Valerie Rice September 22, 2020

Do you remember a year ago when you jumped out of bed ready to take on the world? Me neither. Some people probably do. After being locked in your house for months and terrorized by your television set, it may seem that life is just not worth the effort. I get it. So why bother hauling yourself out of bed for work, school, and to stare at your walls and clean that bathroom again? The answer is different for everyone. Since you are the master of your universe, let’s see what it takes to get you up and rolling.


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There are lots of people who love the green. They are always going for the smell of sweet, sweet, cash. A well paying job is enough to get them to crawl out from beneath the covers, shower, and head to work or corner of the living room to start their day. For them, the pandemic may not have much of an effect. Unless, of course, they lost the job they hold dear. For those people I must say: I am so, so sorry. Spending your time looking for alternate sources of income such as temporary work, finding a new career outlet, or simply channeling your talents into something you can liquidate can solve the problem. What do I mean? Check out all the people selling their talents here. I know this is tough, but I believe in you!


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What? Like as a waitress? Nope. Many people are motivated by the feeling they get when they help others. It’s true! Sometimes just doing things for other people feels so good we want to keep on going. But how? Don’t we have to practice social distancing? Of course we do. It wouldn’t help anyone if we became super spreaders. Look around your immediate community; neighborhood, apartment complex, etc. is there something that has been falling apart since the pandemic? Maybe the trash has started blowing around or people can’t get out to do their weeds. Volunteer to do it. Pick up your street, ask your neighbor if they need help. People motivated by service feel better working without money or recognition. Maybe you are one of them.


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So that’s all well and good, getting paid or not, but someone needs to SEE what you’ve done, right? That’s fine too. Some people just want to be recognized for a job well done. Perhaps you work from home and are tired of your online coworker taking credit for everything you do. Well, advocate for yourself and say something. Tell your significant other or friend about something you are particularly proud of and let the praise and recognition roll in. Post it to social media and see how many heart emojis you can collect. There is nothing wrong with being proud of your accomplishments. Who said you have to work in the shadows and let other people take credit for your work?


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I love a good reward. Like the carrot on the stick. Of course, if I wanted a carrot I would just get one. So a reward should definitely be bigger than a carrot! Maybe you have your eye on that new best seller, or you desperately want that pair of ridiculously priced pair of shoes that makes you feel oh-so-guilty. Who says you can’t have it? Oh right, you do. So maybe if you get up and are super killer this month you get the shoes. If you can’t afford it, rewards don’t have to cost extra money. Do you feel run down and you just want peace and quiet? Okay, give yourself the reward of a full hour alone. Yep. Giving yourself permission to NOT work is a serious reward that everyone needs. So go like the energizer bunny and, when you are done, do absolutely nothing. Well, maybe you should breathe, and probably eat, but nothing demanding.

Not There?

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Still can’t get there? Do you feel absolutely crushed by the inability to move? You may be experiencing burnout. Burnout is where you go too long without a break and your little battery dies. It happens to us all. Even me. That’s okay, it really isn’t your fault. For information on how to help with that, click here. You may also need a little more help, and that is totally okay. In fact, admitting you need more help is mighty adult of you. You can find local resources here or online resources here. If you absolutely, positively, 100% canNOT go on, please contact these people. And remember, as the master of your universe, it is up to YOU to decide what you need and what works best. But some of us are here to help!

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A mother, an author, a nerd. After many years working in the fields of mental health and developmental disabilities, graduating from the University of Phoenix, and pouring my talents into my local community, I decided to spread my wings and reach a wider audience.

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