Happy New Year! (I mean Samhain) — Life All Day: Live Like A Pro

Hello dear readers, and Happy Halloween! May your hearts be merry and your candy buckets overflow! Today is a special holiday for me and my fellow pagans everywhere because today marks the last of the “light” half of the year and the beginning of the “dark” half. This has to do with the amount ofContinue reading “Happy New Year! (I mean Samhain) — Life All Day: Live Like A Pro”

When Life Gives You Lemons, Buy Your Own Damn Fruit — Life All Day: Live Like A Pro

I hate lemonade. It’s sour, and gives me heartburn. I even have trouble stomaching the pink stuff. So why is it that life always seems to think we need or want lemons? The saying “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade” has always bothered me. I mean, it’s good advice and all that. But there’sContinue reading “When Life Gives You Lemons, Buy Your Own Damn Fruit — Life All Day: Live Like A Pro”

The Pains of Motherhood

By Valerie Rice | October 26, 2020 Once upon a time this morning, I trudged through a winter storm with 40 lbs of laundry to get to a laundromat. I sat for 2 hours while the machines bubbled and tumbled, watched one of my hangers break when I slipped on the ice, and then hauledContinue reading “The Pains of Motherhood”

Wellness When Working From Home

By Valerie Rice | October 25, 2020 Thanks to Covid-19, many of us continue to work from home. At the same time we, not only as individual nations, but as a WORLD, are experiencing virus fatigue, which is causing a serious uptick in the spread. This is not awesome. Not only does it spell troubleContinue reading “Wellness When Working From Home”

What You Think is not Always Reality

By Valerie Rice | October 24, 2020 There is a group of people in this country that has an astronomical rate of attempted suicide Somewhere between 29 and 50% of these children attempt suicide at least once. Not only that, but there are extreme cases of violence and murder reported against these people. 25% ofContinue reading “What You Think is not Always Reality”

Go ahead, &;*%@ it up: How Failure is Your Friend

By Valerie Rice | October 23, 2020 Raise your hand if you are a perfect person. Anyone? No? Good. Perfect people are super annoying. And liars. Nobody is perfect. And yet, for some reason, we all like to pretend that we are and that we never make mistakes. I am guilty of this too. IContinue reading “Go ahead, &;*%@ it up: How Failure is Your Friend”

Homelessness: A Societal Sickness

By Valerie Rice | October 22, 2020 I read a local news story about a small brushfire that had broken out in an empty field behind a grocery store. The amount of hate in the comments was appalling. Why, you ask? The field wasn’t empty; it is a homeless camp. One that police have beenContinue reading “Homelessness: A Societal Sickness”

Mental Health Stigma : Don’t Stay Silent

By Valerie Rice | October 20, 2020 I know I talk a lot about mental health and a wide variety of issues that go along with it. Hell what doesn’t go along with mental health, right? Since we just covered World Mental Health Day, and we occasionally discuss stigma, let’s bring that to the forefront.Continue reading “Mental Health Stigma : Don’t Stay Silent”

Managing Crises: How to be Cool as a Cucumber

By Valerie Rice | October 19, 2020 It is not often I encourage people to act like vegetables, but most of us understand this one. You know those people who can walk into any situation and wave a magic wand making it  better, no matter how dire it may seem? I am one of those.Continue reading “Managing Crises: How to be Cool as a Cucumber”

Chronic Illness: A Day in the Life

By Valerie Rice | October 18, 2020 When most of us hear the term “disability” we  envision wheelchairs or some sort of visual representation signifying illness. This, unfortunately, is not always the case.  I say this is unfortunate because many people suffer from chronic illness and discrimination because they do not “look” disabled. I amContinue reading “Chronic Illness: A Day in the Life”

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