Election Aftermath: A Nation Divided

By Valerie Rice | November 8, 2020

Does anybody remember the movie Groundhog’s Day? Well, this election was incredibly reminiscent of that freaking movie. Not only did the election drag on, but the final results caused global celebration and dancing in the streets. I know, I was there. Well, I was at home and heard the cheers and the music and joined in myself. After what seemed like an eternity I finally felt like I could breathe again. It. Was. OVER! And so, too, is the nightmare of the last four years. But that is not the feeling for those on the other side. But why? How can they feel that way?  And more importantly, how do we heal a nation and a world in turmoil?  


Red is for Republican. I have a few friends on both sides of the issue, and so I decided to explore their specific fears. The first thing I heard was the fear that Biden was going to shut down the entire country to stop Covid. Many have expressed fears of socialism, but their definitions vary greatly. Others tell me they do not want Trump’s policies overturned. Some red voters are single issue, such as 2nd amendment, or the right to bear arms, and outlawing abortion, which has long been a red party vs. blue party issue despite already being ruled on by th supreme court.


Blue is for Democrat. The blue voters were desperate to have a response to Covid. They wanted a reversal of several trump policies like the withdrawal from the WHO and the climate agreement. They feared for international safety with the isolation of our allies such as Canada, France, the UN, and so on that had happened over the last four years. They wanted protections and inclusions for minority groups, refugees, and DREAMERs. They wanted an expansion of healthcare protections. They voted for an increase in taxes on the wealthy and support for the working class. Basically, they wanted to go back to the life they had under Obama and the progress they were making then, and to continue from there. Hence the term “progressive.” They feared autocracy.


Yellow is for Libertarian. They are all for smaller government and destroying the two party system. This year the answer I got was about not having to pick pedophiles and racist, and basically just not liking the main candidates. Why? Because neither was believed to be fit for office due to personal flaws previously mentioned. Both were viewed as pedophiles. Policy had nothing to do with it. Some are hoping to pave the way for more desirable candidates in the future.


Both major parties feared a crumbling of their democracy. How can that be? Well, misinformation and gaslighting. The Libertarians just want a f*king voice, man. While some of the things the parties believe in are polar opposite, some are the same. Like a strong economy, lowered national debt, individual freedom, national security, and caring for the veterans. They just don’t agree on what that means or how to do it.


Do you? Some of the things Red fears are coming true. Blue already said so. Yellow may be sus, because we now feel like the US is playing ‘Among Us’ and ejected orange, much to the relief of Purple. OMFG! Okay, calm down, this is not a game. Well, it is. But of chess. And our lives are on the line. Look, here’s the deal, red, blue, yellow, and purple all live in different worlds. The very reality of their lives is completely different. In fact, each and every member of the color crew has a different take on it. But…but…but…Yeah. We call this existentialism (Not to be confused with nihilism).

No two people can experience life the same. I won’t go into it too much, despite it being my favorite thing EVER to talk about, but I will explain how it helps here. The you that is “you” is made up of all your experiences; everything you have been taught, every reaction, and so on. Your brain responded to each event in a way that wired up your beliefs based on your environment….I’m going down a rabbit hole here. Ok, we are all snowflakes, unique, and we see things differently. We learn and grow and believe things based on how we were raised and our experiences. Okay? Cool. Your beliefs determine how you experience the world and create your reality. But you can change them if you want. 


Let it out. Feel it. Dance with joy, cry with rage, weep with exaltation, and feel everything you need to. Do not, however, repeat 2016 and start invalidating the feelings of others. We have had 4 years of agony and division. Now is the time for unity. Now is the time to heal. To work together and move forward. Look, our country is kind of a clusterf*k every 4 years, and we always have the choice to reach over and shake the hand of the ones who lost. That did not happen last time. Let’s do it this time though. We really, REALLY can. If you don’t like the results, we get to try again in 4 years. Oh, but can we ditch the electoral college? I want a few more faces on the debate stage. it would also be super awesome to hear from everyone for once. Be well!

Published by vrice2010

A mother, an author, a nerd. After many years working in the fields of mental health and developmental disabilities, graduating from the University of Phoenix, and pouring my talents into my local community, I decided to spread my wings and reach a wider audience.

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