The Generational War: FFS!

By Valerie Rice | December 5, 2020

It was a dark and stormy night that the Boomers decided to vent their anger toward the Millenials thus starting an intergenerational war. While Gen X and the Xenialls looked on in confusion, tension mounted, and the descriptive terms “Boomer” and “Millenial” no longer held their places as descriptive terms but became derogatory, invectives were hurled, memes generated, and individuals of all ages hit with grenades of hatred. The war continues to this day, despite the rampant misunderstanding and, like any other war, there is no rhyme or reason, or end in sight.


I think the answer is obvious. The real question I have is: Where does it hurt? Seriously. Anger is an emotion that can be broken down into two types: Secondary, resulting from an emotional injury, which is the most common, and Internal, coming from other sources. This whole thing is based on secondary anger. If we were in an anger management course, I would tell all of you that the first step to managing anger is…say it with me, class…”Shut Up!” Nothing can be done or accomplished if mouths are moving. I learned that from my Daddy, David Rice MA LCPC, often called upon to run anger management and one of my first tutors on my journey to becoming the awesome LPC I am today.  Shutting up is the only way we can hear, not only ourselves, but the other side. Once we do this, we need to quiet the mind (did I just bring up mindfulness AGAIN!?) and allow ourselves space to think. For tips on how to become actively mindful, click here.


What you may not realize is that this is a matter of parents fighting with their children while unintentionally blaming their grandchildren, and their children responding in kind. Make sense? Good. Let’s look at a recognizable example, shall we. Boomers are screaming that Millennials are so stupid, they eat Tide Pods. So Mom and Dad are calling their children stupid. The Millennials (the children of Boomers), have nothing to do with the Tide pod challenge. This was a group of sarcastic videos released by Gen Z, the children of the Millenials, in response to the detergent’s ridiculous candy like appearance. Only a few gullible people actually put them in their mouths, like any stupid video, and no, none of them were MIllenials. BUT, thanks to the huge generational gap, Boomers took it too literal and too far, using it as a weapon against …their children. 


Well, the hard and fast answer is this: Millennials are following none of the teachings of their parents (because the world they were raised in doesn’t exist anymore) and the Boomers destroyed the economy just in time for the MIllenials to step into it and get royally screwed over. Yeah. I see how that would piss off anyone. Gen X had the luxury of setting up shop right before the economy tanked, and so they get to watch the world burn, with a drink in one hand and a joint in the other, quietly abiding the wrath their parents vent on their younger siblings. While Millennials jumped into the workforce during the great recession of our time, the Boomers watched, taking no accountability for the policies they supported, that created this environment in which their children not only struggled, but that would forever affect their chances of gaining and maintaining financial stability.  And then they took it a step further: They berated their children for not making the impossible happen. Okay, nobody likes to be confronted when they screw up, and nobody likes to see their children fail. Also, nobody likes to hear how they failed to perform miracles…wait. This really is all the Boomers’ fault. Dude…. I was going for impartiality and it didn’t work. Sorry guys, you done screwed the pooch AND skinned the baby. 


I can’t dwell on this any longer, it bums me out. So parents, learn to calm down and admit you screwed up, or at least stop blaming your kids for your mistakes. Children, you do you. The world is changing so rapidly that the best option is to cling to each other and do the best you can. I mean, right now we live almost our entire lives online. Okay, we did a lot of that before, but I never ordered groceries, cigarettes, and booze from my phone until this year. I still went out SOMETIMES. I think we realize that going back to the old way is completely stupid and unrealistic. And you know what? It is also unsustainable. Our parents are living longer and there is not enough money or a large enough workforce to support them. They’re scared, and they secretly know it’s their own fault. So be kind, and let’s tear down that broken society that they left us and build a new one. One in which our parents, children, and WE can all thrive. They may complain that we refuse to do things “right,” but will thank us in the end. Be well!

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A mother, an author, a nerd. After many years working in the fields of mental health and developmental disabilities, graduating from the University of Phoenix, and pouring my talents into my local community, I decided to spread my wings and reach a wider audience.

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