Critical Race Theory

Valerie Rice | June 16, 2021

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I bet you have heard a whole lot about this recently, and I find it a little bit funny how this phrase can bring about both rage and confusion in melanin deficient people. For me, it sparked curiosity. So I decided to use my autistic superpowers and take a serious trip down the rabbit hole. Fear not! I will summarize and provide you with hyperlinks, this is going to be fun. Ready?


Well, basically it says that race is a social construct designed for oppression. In a nutshell. It also points out that every aspect of the US legal system is racist because it was designed to keep white people above all others, but especially African Americans. It also attacks liberalism as being too narrowly focused on equality and not equity. Okay, I have to be honest, this may be a theory but I am seriously loving it. Why was I not taught this? It took me 37 years of independent study to even get a glimpse of…. I am going to have to buy the book. Oh, you can too. Click here.


I think it should be obvious why this is so “controversial.” Wait…hold on…why white people are crying about having their perceived superiority taken away. It is because if kids are taught this theory in school, they might actually believe it. Good. Stay mad. But in all seriousness, it is a solid theory with more than enough evidence to back it up. At the genetic level, we are all the same. Basically. Let me make it make sense. You were lied to, either intentionally or otherwise, to make you believe that different races have significant genetic traits. That’s….not true. Check it out. Basically, the way we look depends on the geographic location of our ancestors. That’s all. 


Without Critical Race Theory, here’s a video to help teach students about slavery #foryoupage #fyp #dailyshow #comedy #funny #race #racism #florida

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Now, we have this super awesome theory backed with all sorts of peer reviewed evidence and we should teach it, right? Welp. Florida banned it. I think the logic behind this is clear: They are super racist. Don’t come at me with “not all…” I know. If you are a “not all people” type, it is probably you. Look, enough people decided they wanted to feel super cool for burning after 5 minutes of sun exposure, and celebrating their tradition of oppression and genocide, to ban a solid theory from being taught in schools. So what the hell? It takes a whole lot of privilege to make a controversy out of allowing reality to be exposed. A whole hell of a lot.


Our country is a sick and twisted place hell bent on destruction. It was built on the idea that the weak must be enslaved, and by default, the colonizers (white people) are stronger because they are more vicious and openly committed the most atrocities, both in the beginning and now. So do yourselves a huge favor and just google it. We are all coming out of this century’s mass death event and awakening. NOW is the perfect time to tear it all down and start over. Make reparations. Try to be better people. For our children. Be well!

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