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Our History

As a graduate of the University of Phoenix and a single mother of four rambunctious children, I decided to take my life lessons and super expensive education and put them to use. Thanks to the pandemic and a rapidly failing body, I just don’t have the option to work in person anymore. I joined the ranks of online writers and gurus who flood the internet with information. Having pledged to use my powers for good, I go the extra mile and make sure my information is backed by science and peer reviewed evidence (Thanks, grad school training!) I also LOVE guest posts, and ensure that my guests provide high quality writing for you, dear reader, because you deserve the most accurate and entertaining information I can find.

“Your work is truly amazing!”

Jan Cooper

“People come to me for advice because I always ask you.”

Scarlett Larson

Holistic Health Talks

Holistic Health and Wellness Site

Market Your Business With Justin A. Hammonds

"I Help You Get Your Dream Customers Online & Maximize Your Home Business Profits, So You Gain All The Money Required To Live Your Dream Life"

Tips Hair Loss

Regrow Your Hair Naturally

Its good to be crazy Sometimes

A view from the inside of going through the minefield of the British benefit system if you are disabled and the ups and downs of coping with mental illness

Fitness First Always

You can live a fruitful life by laying emphasis on being healthy and fit.


A Site To Learn More About Meditation And Yoga

Alibaba Greece Ⅱ

Premium Products eShop

Healthy Cooking & Eating Tips

A Part of TopOnlineGuides.com

The Dark Therapist

A diagnosed psychopath undertaking a degree in counselling and therapy; an insight into my life sprinkled with musings on a variety of topics

The Ageless Gods

Poetry to Honour the Gods

Brotherly Love

A personal exploration of autism from a brother’s perspective, including family relationships, philosophy, neuroscience, mental health history and ethics

Mental Health Wellness With Cindy

Small Changes Make A Big Difference!

Anxiety and Liz

A fussy vegetarian with a gluten intolerance and mental health problems

Makeup and Mental Health, A Life

I'm just here for the eyebrows


Writing, not on paper, but in your hearts.


The Autism Spectrum According to Autistic People

Tiani Angela

Welcome to my REAL world

Mental Health Is A Journey: Let's Walk Together

It's OK to not be OK. We can start a journey to better ourselves together.

From famine to feast.

Mental health, philosophy, random thoughts.

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