The Facts about Factitious Disorder

Valerie Rice | February 19, 2021 I heard the most interesting thing the other day. I was scrolling through tik tok,as one is wont to do, and heard “Some people just pretend to have mental illness for attention!”in an angry tone. Well, because I simply canNOT keep my little mouth shut, I decided to mentionContinue reading “The Facts about Factitious Disorder”

Racial Battle Fatigue

Valerie Rice | February 17, 2021 I have heard of many things: caregiver burnout, general burnout, fatigue, but never Racial Battle Fatigue. Thanks to the magic of the internet I heard about RBF today. I do not wonder why this is, the answer is obvious. Psychology and psychiatry are notoriously racist fields. Have Whaaaaaat?!?!?! Yeah,Continue reading “Racial Battle Fatigue”

Understanding Autism

Surviving as a Parent With an Autistic Child I know, it seems like we’ve heard this all before, right? Dealing with autism is hard. VERY hard. It tries the best of us to within an inch of our sanity at times. We get hurt. We make mistakes. We misunderstand. We just cannot connect to ourContinue reading “Understanding Autism”

Covid Quarantine 2021: A Year into the US Pandemic

Valerie Rice | February 9, 2021 We are coming up on what, for many of us here in the States, is the 1 year anniversary of quarantine. I first went into quarantine in mid February of last year, just a few short days before Colorado’s governor Polis ordered the official Shelter in Place order. IContinue reading “Covid Quarantine 2021: A Year into the US Pandemic”

Blue Monday — Ken’s Devotions

Originally posted on Jaime Stenning – a life uncut: Apparent it’s the most depressing day of the year. Well I say boo to Blue Monday. Think of everything good that you have and keep positive! Blue Monday — Ken’s Devotions A quick insert, my dear readers, to remind you that this work belongs to someone else.Continue reading “Blue Monday — Ken’s Devotions”

Cults and Zealotry: What the *#@&;?

Valerie Rice | February 8, 2021 I have seen the term “cult” thrown about on social media so very much lately, and have even been guilty of using it myself. I am pretty sure most people are not even sure what we are talking about. I mean, what do you think of when you seeContinue reading “Cults and Zealotry: What the *#@&;?”

This One is for the Ladies

By Valerie Rice | February 2, 2021 Women. Let us be candid with one another. I know we all hate how our hormones are used to denigrate us. I know we hate being referred to as emotional wrecks and unstable elements because of PMS. Well, I see you. Modern gynecology is from a male perspective.Continue reading “This One is for the Ladies”

Examining Our Bias

By Valerie Rice | February 2, 2021 Welcome to Black History Month, the shortest month of the year, and a time you are likely to hear a very watered down version of successful people of color. I admit that I feel positively slimy writing anything at all, being an incredibly pale white person, but IContinue reading “Examining Our Bias”

Sticker Shock: The Price Our Children Pay for Covid-19

By Valerie Rice | January 29,2021 It was almost a year ago now that my family went into isolation. It was not necessarily a direct result of Covid, but close. We were sick and decided to stay indoors and away from people “just in case.” We had strep,, an easily remedied disease, but before weContinue reading “Sticker Shock: The Price Our Children Pay for Covid-19”

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