Life of Addiction ( It’s not just me, guys.) — Life All Day: Live Like A Pro

I’m an addict. I’m addicted to drugs (in recovery), caffeine, and cigarettes. This makes me a criminal, a moral failure, and generally weak all around. Would you agree with this assessment? Many people would. In fact, perhaps most people would. Let’s look a little closer. I bet if we really thought about an examined this, […]Continue reading “Life of Addiction ( It’s not just me, guys.) — Life All Day: Live Like A Pro”

That’s Not Politics…

Valerie Rice | August 4, 2021 Who wants to go on a rant today? Oh, I do! ME!  Have you ever had a psychiatrist drop you from a practice because you missed an appointment? Has it sent you into a spiral of terrible mental health consequences directly related to not having your medication? Does itContinue reading “That’s Not Politics…”


Valerie Rice | August 3, 2021 If you were raised in a high demand religion or a cult (mormons) or by a narcissist or were in a relationship with an abuser, you may have a tendency to gaslight yourself. Say whaaaaaat? Yep. And you probably don’t even know you are doing it.  Most people don’tContinue reading “GASLIGHTING: HOW YOU DO IT TO YOURSELF”

WE DON’T EAT ROCKS (until we do)

Valerie Rice | July 30, 2021 There was a time I could not imagine myself telling someone not to eat rocks, but then I had children. And yes, most parents have the phase of removing nonfood items from the mouths of their wee ones. At some point we assume they grow out of it. ButContinue reading “WE DON’T EAT ROCKS (until we do)”

Symptom Overlap and Misdiagnosis: Serious Side Effects of Womanhood

Valerie Rice | July 29, 2021 If you are female, or AFAB, raise your hand. Okay, if you have been to see a mental health professional and been given a series of diagnoses raise your hand. You are not alone. The reasons for this are many. Not only is diagnosis an art form and notContinue reading “Symptom Overlap and Misdiagnosis: Serious Side Effects of Womanhood”

Complex Trauma: Not Your Average Abuse

Valerie Rice | July 25, 2021 It sounds a lot like I am saying important things, right? I sort of am. I assumed for a very long time that everyone knew and understood the difference between trauma and complex trauma that leads to PTSD. I was wrong. So after having a delightfully horrifying conversation withContinue reading “Complex Trauma: Not Your Average Abuse”

Let’s Change the Formula

Valerie Rice | July 17, 2021 I am terribly sorry for my absence, I have been sick. And with that I want to talk about a trend I am watching unfold across various social media platforms, and that is the enlightenment of the mental health field. Yes, I know, it seems a strange thing toContinue reading “Let’s Change the Formula”

The Infantilization of Disabilities

Valerie Rice | June 18, 2021 If you have ever sat in a room of people who are trying to determine the fate of someone with disabilities, you probably know what I am going to say. The goal of every IEP, 504, or adult version of these meetings is to create goals for someone else.Continue reading “The Infantilization of Disabilities”

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