Symptom Overlap and Misdiagnosis: Serious Side Effects of Womanhood

Valerie Rice | July 29, 2021 If you are female, or AFAB, raise your hand. Okay, if you have been to see a mental health professional and been given a series of diagnoses raise your hand. You are not alone. The reasons for this are many. Not only is diagnosis an art form and notContinue reading “Symptom Overlap and Misdiagnosis: Serious Side Effects of Womanhood”

Neurodivergent Children in a Neurotypical World : Part 4

Valerie Rice | March 25, 2021 Welcome to the final instalment of this series, you made it! Thank you for your patience and dedication to learning about including all our brains into the kaleidoscope of functioning. I’m super excited that we got here together!  This is the last and possibly most difficult piece of theContinue reading “Neurodivergent Children in a Neurotypical World : Part 4”

Neurodivergent Children in a Neurotypical World : Part 3

Valerie Rice | March 24,2021 Welcome back! I am so excited that you are still here with me on this journey of neurodiversity. As a subject near and dear to my heart, I am pleased that so many people are interested in the colorful spectrum of the human mind. Today I figured I would goContinue reading “Neurodivergent Children in a Neurotypical World : Part 3”

Neurodivergent Children in a Neurotypical World: Part 2

Valerie Rice | March 23 , 2021 Alright, I am going to stop comparing brains to electronics, because I hope we all get the point. A neurodiverse brain has different wiring than what one considers typical. My last post was filled with quite a bit of information and not a lot of guidance. I do that,Continue reading “Neurodivergent Children in a Neurotypical World: Part 2”

Neurodivergent Children in a Neurotypical World: Part 1

Valerie Rice  | March 22,2021 Oh dear, I am using the giant words. For many parents, first time or veteran, the success of their children is a top priority. We want our offspring to grow up and be happy, productive members of society. Unfortunately, we are bombarded with so much information and unwanted advice thatContinue reading “Neurodivergent Children in a Neurotypical World: Part 1”

What Does it Mean When…

Valerie Rice | March 5, 2021 Have you ever been going about your day, minding your own business, and suddenly envision yourself throwing yourself off a bridge? Yeah, same, that’s an intrusive thought. How about that time you left work and suddenly found yourself in your driveway? Yup, me too. How about that time youContinue reading “What Does it Mean When…”

ADD\ADHD in Adults : GenX problems

By Valerie Rice | January 2, 2020 I am sure that you have heard people say the line “Back in my day, we didn’t have ADHD, we spanked our kids…” or other such nonsense. Well, this is code for neglecting and abusing children until they behaved. Not so much out of spite or malice, butContinue reading “ADD\ADHD in Adults : GenX problems”

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