Let’s Change the Formula

Valerie Rice | July 17, 2021 I am terribly sorry for my absence, I have been sick. And with that I want to talk about a trend I am watching unfold across various social media platforms, and that is the enlightenment of the mental health field. Yes, I know, it seems a strange thing toContinue reading “Let’s Change the Formula”

Mommy, Father, Son — Life All Day: Live Like A Pro

“My dad left when I was in fourth grade, but I don’t even remember the time when he was there, really. We never spent time together. He was a raging alcoholic. I partially grew up with my grandpa. We did everything together. He took me hunting, fishing, and other stuff. I knew him as aContinue reading “Mommy, Father, Son — Life All Day: Live Like A Pro”

Improving Executive Functioning

By Valerie Rice | December 10, 2020 Once upon a time I decided to join TikTok in order to widen my network and find more subscribers. No, don’t look for me, please. I found my tribe instead and the wild, wacky, unprofessional weirdo that is me shines brightly on there. Anyway, I fell down aContinue reading “Improving Executive Functioning”

Managing Crises: How to be Cool as a Cucumber

By Valerie Rice | October 19, 2020 It is not often I encourage people to act like vegetables, but most of us understand this one. You know those people who can walk into any situation and wave a magic wand making it  better, no matter how dire it may seem? I am one of those.Continue reading “Managing Crises: How to be Cool as a Cucumber”

Mental Health Awareness

Let’s Erase the Stigma By Valerie Rice | October10, 2020 So,today is a big day, yeah? An epic win for awareness, one would think. Sure. What is mental health awareness? Hint: it is much more than being aware that mental health exists. How many of us have heard of Depression, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, and otherContinue reading “Mental Health Awareness”

We Ding Dong Don’t Work! How to increase Intimacy Without Sex

By Valerie Rice October 3, 2020 Admit it, my title is hilarious! This is something my adorable nephew Lucien said when he found out our doorbell didn’t work. And it is a multifunctional phrase. So if you find yourself in a position where your “doorbell” isn’t working either, never fear! Because intimacy is so muchContinue reading “We Ding Dong Don’t Work! How to increase Intimacy Without Sex”

Teenagers: A Different Kind of Animal Part 2

By Valerie Rice and Andrea Watson September 29, 2020 Are you ready to continue our fairy tale? While I can’t promise a fairy tale ending, or a life full of magic and unicorns, I will do my best to help you slay a few dragons. At least the metaphorical kind. I’m the type of parentContinue reading “Teenagers: A Different Kind of Animal Part 2”

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