Support Groups : What You Need to Know

By Valerie Rice | November 3, 2020 I talk a lot about self help and what you can do to improve your life with mental illness and various roadblocks that pop up in your life path. One thing I often allude to is support groups, but I rarely go into detail about them. Support groupsContinue reading “Support Groups : What You Need to Know”

Go ahead, &;*%@ it up: How Failure is Your Friend

By Valerie Rice | October 23, 2020 Raise your hand if you are a perfect person. Anyone? No? Good. Perfect people are super annoying. And liars. Nobody is perfect. And yet, for some reason, we all like to pretend that we are and that we never make mistakes. I am guilty of this too. IContinue reading “Go ahead, &;*%@ it up: How Failure is Your Friend”

Managing Crises: How to be Cool as a Cucumber

By Valerie Rice | October 19, 2020 It is not often I encourage people to act like vegetables, but most of us understand this one. You know those people who can walk into any situation and wave a magic wand making it  better, no matter how dire it may seem? I am one of those.Continue reading “Managing Crises: How to be Cool as a Cucumber”

Psych Meds: Secrets You Need to Know

By Valerie Rice, October 6, 2020 Welcome to America, the land of the overworked, underpaid, highly stressed human who is probably taking some kind of pill to deal with their reality. Can’t sleep? Have a pill. Working 60 hours a week and still can”t pay your rent and it makes you want to cry allContinue reading “Psych Meds: Secrets You Need to Know”

We Ding Dong Don’t Work! How to increase Intimacy Without Sex

By Valerie Rice October 3, 2020 Admit it, my title is hilarious! This is something my adorable nephew Lucien said when he found out our doorbell didn’t work. And it is a multifunctional phrase. So if you find yourself in a position where your “doorbell” isn’t working either, never fear! Because intimacy is so muchContinue reading “We Ding Dong Don’t Work! How to increase Intimacy Without Sex”

Five Things You Probably Don’t Know About PTSD

By Valerie Rice October 1, 2020 PTSD stands for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. In the time of the modern-day plague, which is what I am lovingly calling Covid-19, odds are that this mental health condition is on the rise. Once referred to as shell shock, because many soldiers came home from war forever scarred by beingContinue reading “Five Things You Probably Don’t Know About PTSD”

Teenagers: A Different Kind of Animal Part 3

By Valerie Rice and Andrea Watson September 30, 2020 “R-E-S-P-E-C-T, FIND OUT WHAT IT MEANS TO ME!” Aretha Franklin immortalized those words in song form in 1967, and they are epic. If you don’t know what I am talking about, click here. You’re welcome. Now, we were talking about raising those delightful teenage beasties, yes?Continue reading “Teenagers: A Different Kind of Animal Part 3”

Teenagers: A Different Kind of Animal Part 2

By Valerie Rice and Andrea Watson September 29, 2020 Are you ready to continue our fairy tale? While I can’t promise a fairy tale ending, or a life full of magic and unicorns, I will do my best to help you slay a few dragons. At least the metaphorical kind. I’m the type of parentContinue reading “Teenagers: A Different Kind of Animal Part 2”

Teenagers: A Different Kind of Animal Part 1

By Valerie Rice and Andrea Watson | September 28, 2020 Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, a little princess and prince were born. They were the joy of the land, and every parent’s dream. Years later, after reality had settled in, puberty took over and the darling children were no longer recognizable.Continue reading “Teenagers: A Different Kind of Animal Part 1”

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