Religious Trauma Part 7: Society

Valerie Rice | March 16, 2021 Has it been a while since we discussed this topic? Yes. I figured we all needed a cool down. But today, after several weeks of being absorbed into exmormon tiktok and a bazillion social and  psychological studies later, I decided to explain WHY we allow this trauma to continueContinue reading “Religious Trauma Part 7: Society”

Religious Trauma Part 3: Purity Culture

By Valerie Rice and Andrea Watson | December 25,2020 Oh yes, I am going there. Welcome back to the “not for everyone” series about religious trauma. Do you have your journal and blanket? I do. Now grab your drink and let’s get started on one of the hardest aspects to unpack: purity. This is oneContinue reading “Religious Trauma Part 3: Purity Culture”

Religious Trauma Part 2: Social Hierarchy

By Valerie Rice | December 22, 2020 Welcome back to my religious trauma series, I am so happy you came! Really, I am. As previously stated, you may be fully aware that this has happened to you or just curious, but it is important to remember that this applies only to those whose religious lifeContinue reading “Religious Trauma Part 2: Social Hierarchy”

Religious Trauma: It is a thing

By Valerie Rice | December 21, 2020 Welcome to my new series regarding religious trauma. If you are happily engaged in a religious life this series is not for you. However, if you are a survivor of a toxic indoctrination policy, this may be something you want to read. If you are questioning whether youContinue reading “Religious Trauma: It is a thing”

Helping Survivors of Sexual Assault

By Valerie Rice | November 8, 2020 Alright readers,I do apologize (almost) for leaving you disturbed yesterday. I wanted you to be disturbed. I believe that until we are forced from our comfort zones we won’t be able, or possibly willing, to reach out beyond ourselves and help another. Basically, our empathy is more ofContinue reading “Helping Survivors of Sexual Assault”

A Survivor’s Story

By Valerie Rice November 7, 2020 There is nothing quite as difficult as understanding the experiences of another person. One of the greatest gifts a person can have is empathy, and that seems to be diminishing in our society. I recently spoke to a survivor of sexual assault who was willing to share a bitContinue reading “A Survivor’s Story”

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