The Facts about Factitious Disorder

Valerie Rice | February 19, 2021 I heard the most interesting thing the other day. I was scrolling through tik tok,as one is wont to do, and heard “Some people just pretend to have mental illness for attention!”in an angry tone. Well, because I simply canNOT keep my little mouth shut, I decided to mentionContinue reading “The Facts about Factitious Disorder”

Understanding Autism

Surviving as a Parent With an Autistic Child I know, it seems like we’ve heard this all before, right? Dealing with autism is hard. VERY hard. It tries the best of us to within an inch of our sanity at times. We get hurt. We make mistakes. We misunderstand. We just cannot connect to ourContinue reading “Understanding Autism”

ADD\ADHD in Adults : GenX problems

By Valerie Rice | January 2, 2020 I am sure that you have heard people say the line “Back in my day, we didn’t have ADHD, we spanked our kids…” or other such nonsense. Well, this is code for neglecting and abusing children until they behaved. Not so much out of spite or malice, butContinue reading “ADD\ADHD in Adults : GenX problems”

Auditory Processing Disorder

By Valerie Rice | December 30, 2020 Have you ever seen a movie where people meet each other but speak different languages? They try desperately to communicate and, despite intelligence and perfect ears, the message just doesn’t go through? This can be shown as either hilarious or devastating, but it is a lot like auditoryContinue reading “Auditory Processing Disorder”

Holidays and Covid: Why 2020 doesn’t Have to Kill your Mood

By Valerie Rice | December 23, 2020 I have probably mentioned this before, and I am going to mention it again, but YOU are the master of your own universe. Now that we have cleared that up. Let’s examine just how Covid has destroyed your holiday season and what you can do about it. Wait…no…IContinue reading “Holidays and Covid: Why 2020 doesn’t Have to Kill your Mood”

Religious Trauma Part 2: Social Hierarchy

By Valerie Rice | December 22, 2020 Welcome back to my religious trauma series, I am so happy you came! Really, I am. As previously stated, you may be fully aware that this has happened to you or just curious, but it is important to remember that this applies only to those whose religious lifeContinue reading “Religious Trauma Part 2: Social Hierarchy”


By Valerie Rice | December 11, 2020 Medical Marijuana, or Cannabis, has long been touted as the miracle cure. But what does this really do? Is it really a replacement for opioid medication, does it stop seizures, and help with mental illness? What’s with the hype? Or are we really looking at a bunch ofContinue reading “MMJ: IS IT WORTH IT?”

The Generational War: FFS!

By Valerie Rice | December 5, 2020 It was a dark and stormy night that the Boomers decided to vent their anger toward the Millenials thus starting an intergenerational war. While Gen X and the Xenialls looked on in confusion, tension mounted, and the descriptive terms “Boomer” and “Millenial” no longer held their places asContinue reading “The Generational War: FFS!”

Making Your Winter Less Dreary

By Valerie Rice | November 29, 2020 Most societies have a time in the middle of winter where they celebrate a holiday. In the US there are at Least 14 religious holidays in December, and a few non religious, like New Year’s Eve. So when someone says “happy holidays,” they mean it. There is noContinue reading “Making Your Winter Less Dreary”

Personality Disorders

By Valerie Rice | November 19, 2020 There are numerous times someone walks into my office, is evaluated, and I know I can help them. And there are times I am paired up with someone who has a personality disorder. It isn’t that they can’t be helped, but that this particular type of disorder neverContinue reading “Personality Disorders”

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